Alignment, Adjustment.

Beam Alignment and Wheel-end Adjustment

We’ve prepared a video blog for all of you this week!

This time the focus is on the beam alignment and wheel-end adjustment of your SmartSteer Axle. This was a short clip taken from a training session conducted by Rudy. Feel free to share this amongst your fellow workers/friends.

If you have any questions or would like to see something specific featured in a video or written post please let us know and we’ll get on it.

Take care and stay safe!

Ingersoll Axles @ Truckworld!

Ingersoll Axles is attending Truckworld 2014!

Truckworld is being held from Thursday April 10th until Saturday April 12th at the International Centre in Toronto, ON.

Stop by booth 2444 to chat with us on all the new stuff we’ve got going on here in Ingersoll Territory!

Ingersoll @MATS 2014

Hello there!

Are you attending this year’s Mid America Trucking Show (MATS)?

MATS is the largest heavy-duty trucking event in the world and Ingersoll Territory is here to be a part of it.

Drop by booth #18216 to chat with us on all things trucking and all things Ingersoll Axles.

The event is running from Thursday March 27th until Saturday March 29th at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. Drop by if you’re attending and bug our guys Phil and Rudy for a bit. They’d be happy to shake your hand and fill you in on what we’ve got cooking in Ingersoll.

All of us from Ingersoll Territory greatly appreciate you taking the time to read our blogs!

We’ll have some awesome content coming your way very soon!

Castering and Ride Heights


We’ve decided for this week to cover a topic we come across quite regularly from our users.

Caster is the angle of the king pin in relation to the center line of the tire.

We recommend 0 to +3 degrees castor at ride height on the axle suspension any caster reading that comes in at more than -2 degrees is an issue for steer axle stability known as castering or shopping cart effect. Although caster is set at the factory there are situations that can change your factory caster setting.

Fifth wheel coupler height of your tractor must match the trailer specification for example a flat deck that has a 49’’ coupler height and a tractor tats set up for 47’’ can reduce your caster reading by 2 degrees.

Another situation that can change factory caster settings is ride heights of the primary suspension as well as the steer axle suspension ride height.

Example: if your suspension has a 19’’ ride height and you’re only getting 17’’, your caster again is reduced by 2 degrees.

The last thing that can change caster is tire diameters on both the primary and steer axle.

Example: if you go to a larger tire on the steer axle the ride height will change and so will the caster.

Beware of these changes from the original factory settings as it will all relate to tire wear issues as well as steer axle stability.

Rudy & Phil

SmartSteer Auto-lift Hack

Good morning and Happy Holidays!

I’ve got a quick tip for all the driver’s out there operating SPIF compliant RM60 SmartSteers:

When driving at speeds of 60km/h and below you can engage an auto-lift command for the SmartSteer simply by turning your flashers on for 3 seconds, off for 3 seconds and then on again for 3 seconds. This is predominantly used in snowy conditions (hint, hint) when you need more traction on the rear wheels. Saves you from having to stop and get out when the weather and roads are rough.

Be sure to write this one down and keep it with you in case you run into a situation where it would be helpful.

Also, from all of us here in Ingersoll Territory, we’re wishing all of you and your families Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

Take care and stay safe out there!

Rudy & Phil.

A Little Ingersoll R&D ;)

Well hello again!

We’re rolling closer each and every day to our Christmas holidays! I hope you all have some great plans to spend time with family and friends!

And now down to business ;):

Alrighty, so we’ve got something brand new to talk about that we’re integrating into our SmartSteer Axle. Its a torpress assembly that auto proportions the bag pressure based on the weight carried on the suspension ride bag. To break it down, this feature means there is no need for an additional valve regulator to keep constant pressure in the torpress bag resulting in a much more stable axle. Currently this feature is in testing and we’re incredibly happy with the results!

Stay tuned for more information regarding this and even give us a shout here in Ingersoll Territory if you have any questions!

Be sure to stay safe out there!


Further Proof…

Hello again!

I drove up to Montreal this week to visit a customer and during that drive I had plenty of time to think about a product I have yet to mention on this blog. Now, I’m not one to use this space to focus solely on products or shamelessly promote them, but I feel I should speak to it at least a little as our engineers worked very hard to develop it based on your feedback.

So, here we go:

We’re now offering a brand new, 30 degree, disc brake SSA. Optimized to work with our own ISS suspension system, but also compatible with others in the industry. It is a forward facing tie rod design, offered with Haldex, Wabco and Bendix Disc Brake packages. This is especially great news for any of you with 5-Axle, SPIF regulated trailers, with a minimum requirement of 28 degrees, our new 30 degree gives you more than enough clearance.

This is further proof that we at Ingersoll Axles are a customer focused and oriented organization. Our primary goal is to offer new and innovative products that advance the industry standard. We’re in this for the long haul.

Please feel free to contact myself or our engineers for more information.

Stay safe out there!


Ingersoll Axles Winter Prep Series #4

Hello there!

We’ve completed our first month of the Ingersoll Axles Winter Preparation Series!

This week I’d like to talk to you about a new dust shield that we’ve developed here at Ingersoll Axles for the Wabco Pan 22 disc brakes. Being of our own design, we intend to offer it as a component that integrates with our SmartSteer Axle to prevent contamination from reaching and building up between the brake pads and rotor. Highly recommended for extreme duty situations and can be quite effective in winter conditions as well.

Give us a call here in Ingersoll Territory if you have any questions! You can also leave any feedback in the comment section below!

Take care and keep it safe out there.


Ingersoll Axles Winter Prep Series #3

Happy Thursday!

The weekend’s right around the corner and I bet all of you are getting into the Christmas spirit now that the colder weather has hit and we’ve seen some snowfall! Another helpful tip for your SmartSteer Axle: make sure to keep an eye on the torpress bag and its air pressure. The colder weather can certainly affect this but if you find you’re having some issues in the operation of the axle, trying reducing the pressure bit by bit to ensure you’re getting solid performance out there.

Please leave any questions or comments in the area below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Stay safe out there on the roads!


Ingersoll Axles’ Winter Prep Series #2


This is our second entry in the Ingersoll Axles’ Winter Prep Series! Phil and I have another useful tip for you road warriors out there now that the cold mornings and evenings are upon us.

Monitoring your tire’s pressure is another preventative measure in your efforts to reduce tire wear and extend the life of the rubber. The cold decreases the pressure which in turn reduces fuel economy. Be sure to get those winter tires on and make sure the pressure is set to the correct PSI.

If you have any questions or comments then please sound off in the section below!

Take care and be safe on the roads this winter!

Rudy & Phil

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