Ingersoll Winter Prep Series


Welcome to Ingersoll Axles’ first Winter Preparation Series! Each week until the end of November I will be posting tips and advice surrounding proper maintenance and preparation for the oncoming onslaught of ice and snow.

As we move forward into the winter months its important to keep up with the greasing of steer axles as a preventive measure against corrosion. Grease will also help by providing resistance from the chemicals used to remove and melt snow on the roads.

Also, its an excellent idea to ensure that the grease is fresh in all the bushing areas as this helps improve the longevity of the bushing life as well as the tie rod ends.

Be sure to check back each week for more Winter Prep updates! Please submit questions in the boxes below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Happy Trucking!


Branded SmartSteer and Lube System Package!

We will soon be outfitting SmartSteer Axle and Suspension packages with an Ingersoll Axles branded lube system! This system is simple, plug-in ready to go right out of the gate and is an absolute must-have addition. What sets this unit apart is that it greases all points of the SmartSteer Axle upon starting up your truck and does not use air to activate.  This system is also incredibly accommodating as it can maintain the other axles on your trailer by simply adding additional lines to the grease pump!

Lubricating is a preventive measure to ensure proper maintenance and to increase component life. Adding this system to your unit will save you serious $$$ in future labour costs.

If you have any questions please submit in the comment section below or give our Sales Reps a call!

Happy Trucking!


Here’s a weekly tip!

So you’ve purchased our SmartSteer Axle. Congratulations! We here at Ingersoll Axles take great pride in the products we build and want to make sure they always perform their best for our customers. With that being said, we want to remind you the importance of ensuring the proper adjustments and settings have been made to the ride heights. If they don’t match up you could run into some issues, most notably abnormal tire wear. You don’t want to be replacing your rubber sooner than you need to so be sure to keep these things in mind.

Have yourselves a great week!


Lookin’ Slick!

Get a load of this paint job!!!

I know a lot of you out there have already seen me flying up and down the 401 in these colours but man-oh-man doesn’t that truck look good!?!?

Glad you agree!

You might be wondering what I’m doing out there on the road and believe me, its not JUST advertising. Ya’see, when you buy an axle and/or suspension package from Ingersoll Axles you get me and (*poins to) Phil. We’re dispatched to train you and your mechanics on how to install and maintain your Ingersoll made axles. It’s a service…for FREE! So the next time you see me I’m either on my way to baptize another beautiful SmartSteer OR I’m on the hunt for the nearest coffee shop and would really appreciate some directions.


Ingersoll Axles on YouTube!


We’ve just fired up our very own YouTube channel under “Ingersoll Axles”.  We’ll be uploading plenty more videos in the coming weeks and months. Many will consist of tips, tricks and advice for keeping your trailers on the road. Tons of useful information from myself (*Rudy 😎 and this guy (*points to Phil 🙂 ). Visit the link below, SUBSCRIBE and be sure to check back often!



A Dynamic Duo!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

I’d like to introduce all of you to Phil Schnurr! Phil here has been with Ingersoll Axles for quite some time but today marks his first mention in our Ingersoll Axles Blog. As the Head of Manufacturing Engineering here in Ingersoll he fills a very prominent role…my partner in creating the tailored solutions you require for your axle and suspension products. Some call us the “Dynamic Duo” and others describe us as “visionary(me)meets genius(Phil)!” While both of those are true ( 😉 ) at the core, we’re just a couple of guys that are passionate about the experience and service you receive with Ingersoll Axles. We strive for the best in everything we do.

Phil and I will be posting a new blog entry every Wednesday morning after we grab our coffees. Be sure to mark your calendars!

Rudy Wosing signing off!

ISS In Action

ISS Suspension with an automatic Forced Steer Package

Check out this video of a live bottom trailer with a tridem setup, with one primary axle integrated on our ISS suspension and with two ILKP axles integrated with our ISS suspension and an automatic forced steer package.
Imagine the possibilities if your trailer could make turns that tightly…

Smart Steer Tire Balancing

It is important to make sure your steer axle tires are balanced as well as balanced drums.
A well balanced tire will not fatigue your steer axle components such as king pin bushings, shocks, suspension hanger bushings, tie rod ends etc. An unbalance tire will cause excessive bouncing, shimmy and severe tire wear issues on a steer axle. There are many products such as weights or balance beads that can be used to ensure proper balance.
A simple spin of the tires on a steer lift axle can tell you a lot. If the tire comes to a slow stop and does not change direction or pendulum, it is balanced. Tire tread wear pattern is another good way to tell if balance is an issue, one half of the tire will have deep tread and the other side will have excessive wear.


Valve Stems on Haldex Disc Brake Axles

It has come to our attention that on certain rims and some applications using the Haldex DB22LT calliper there has been some interference issues occurring between the valve stem and the pad retainer bolt of the Haldex brake. This problem is avoidable by using a bent valve stem in place of the straight one. Haldex has informed us that some customers have used the Haltec 572 stem as a solution to this issue. If you have any questions about this or anything else, please contact Rudy or myself and we would be happy to assist you.


Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers are an important piece of information to keep a record of for your IMT axle. Whether you are the original purchaser or an end user, it is always helpful to record the serial numbers of your axles and keep them organized for future reference. Having your serial number is the single best way to make sure that when you need information for the axle in the future, our customer service team will be able to help you quickly and efficiently. Your serial number is useful for tracking information and also to identify parts needed for replacement or in the instance of a truck down.
Please note that if you are an end user do not assume that the trailer or equipment manufacturer has recorded the serial number. Record this information yourself just to be safe and certain.


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