How often should I check…?

Disc Brake Axle Inspections

Hey there,

We’ve been receiving some questions as to how often you should be inspecting your disc brake equipped axles.

Recommended practices advise that you should be taking a look at the state of your brake pads and rotors every 5,000km. Some guys like to go a little longer but a good rule of thumb is to check that stuff out every 5,000km to prevent any future issues.

Alignment of your axle should be checked every 20,000 miles / 32,000 km (or 3 months). In that interval its also good to take a look at the brake pad thickness. That’ll help identify if any seizing is happening with the calipers or not.

From there every 50,000 miles / 75,000km (or 6 months) be sure perform a thorough inspection of the entire disc brake unit itself. Again, you want to prevent anything unwanted from happening while on the road.

If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment or drop us a line!

Rudy & Phil out!

Alignment, Adjustment.

Beam Alignment and Wheel-end Adjustment

We’ve prepared a video blog for all of you this week!

This time the focus is on the beam alignment and wheel-end adjustment of your SmartSteer Axle. This was a short clip taken from a training session conducted by Rudy. Feel free to share this amongst your fellow workers/friends.

If you have any questions or would like to see something specific featured in a video or written post please let us know and we’ll get on it.

Take care and stay safe!

Ingersoll Axles @ Truckworld!

Ingersoll Axles is attending Truckworld 2014!

Truckworld is being held from Thursday April 10th until Saturday April 12th at the International Centre in Toronto, ON.

Stop by booth 2444 to chat with us on all the new stuff we’ve got going on here in Ingersoll Territory!

Ingersoll @MATS 2014

Hello there!

Are you attending this year’s Mid America Trucking Show (MATS)?

MATS is the largest heavy-duty trucking event in the world and Ingersoll Territory is here to be a part of it.

Drop by booth #18216 to chat with us on all things trucking and all things Ingersoll Axles.

The event is running from Thursday March 27th until Saturday March 29th at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. Drop by if you’re attending and bug our guys Phil and Rudy for a bit. They’d be happy to shake your hand and fill you in on what we’ve got cooking in Ingersoll.

All of us from Ingersoll Territory greatly appreciate you taking the time to read our blogs!

We’ll have some awesome content coming your way very soon!