Enhanced Pivot Connection 

• Unique patented tri-functional pivot bushing 

•Eliminates common failure mode with the same great rates 

• Long Lasting Wear Spacers 

• Far outperforms the competition 

Low-Maintenance, fully wrapped axle connection 

• All parts are interchangeable with the industry standard = less inventory & down time 

• Ride Height: 14-19 inches 

• Capacity: 23,000 lbs 

Weight conscious applications 

• Specialty Vans, Reefers, Livestock, Flatbeds/Curtain sides, Container Chassis, Grain Trailer, Bottom Discharge Dumps, Bulk Tank, Liquid Tank

 1. Voidless Design 

• Reduces failure mode 

2. Oval Core 

Better Pivot connection clamping

• Same great tri-functional spring rate

• 30% larger clamping surface

3. Fully Interchangeable with TFIII  

• Less down time 

• Less inventory cost

Ingersoll Axle by Dexter

347 King Street West Ingersoll, ON N5C 3K6

P: 519.485.2210 

TF: 1.800.663.2953 

F: 519.485.6336